Dan Morrell

Dan Morrell

Through the static and distance.

Live in Boston. Work for Harvard Business School. Partner at Dog Ear Consultants (dogearconsultants.com).

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Mag1018 cuttinga2 article

The Boss is Listening

Employee badges that record 40 types of information can lead to workplace efficiency—and some questions.

Screen shot 2015 12 02 at 12.14.37 pm article

The Deep Roots of American Racism

A conversation with Kelly Brown Douglas, religion professor, Episcopalian priest, and author of Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God.

Speed a39x1217 732x440 article

Built for Speed

Jay Rogers set out to start a car company. He may have launched an industrial revolution, too.

Screen shot 2015 06 19 at 4.35.36 pm article

Video: Carlos Prieto on the Art of Conducting

Podium philosophy

Harvard prieto 524 article

Higher Ground

How Carlos Miguel Prieto conducted a post-Katrina comeback for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Impact investing1 732width article

Good Investments

Make money by helping the poor? That’s the promise of a new brand of socially conscious investors. They just need a few true believers—and a few big wins—to bring their vision to the masses.

Fairy tale hero article


Fairy tale expert Maria Tatar on how some of the world’s oldest stories help us navigate modern life

Charley seckler1 lg article

Your Own Medicine

Three years ago, Gene Williams helped two parents set up a drug company to save their son's life. Their new patient-driven drug development blueprint may just end up saving the pharmaceutical industry too.

1117286 car companies are seeing the light article

Car Companies Are Seeing the Light

Automakers are experimenting with lightweight bodies and new engines to meet ambitious fuel efficiency standards.

1117262 disconnected boston magazine article


Few "phreakers" were more skilled—or more feared—than Matt Weigman, a blind teenager from East Boston.

Tinker, Tailor, Robot, Fly

Winged Mimicry.

Claudia sender 1920x1100 article

Ready for Takeoff

Claudia Sender’s punch list: Manage a merger, figure out how to serve a whole new consumer class, and—oh yeah—the World Cup.

The Power of Torture

“In our research, we had people right next door [to the “victim”], but you could imagine the same psychological processes working for someone who feels complicit [for giving] the go-ahead for torture. You see these terrible pictures come across your desk in some confidential dossier, and you think, ‘These guys are really in pain—they must be guilty.’ But for those of us who had no say in torture and don’t feel complicit, when we see those images on our TV screens, we say, ‘Oh, that is terrible—those innocent men.’”

2015 rededge 3 012 article

Red, Right and New

Conservatism faced a stark reality in the wake of the 2012 election: without a better digital presence, irrelevancy was inevitable. The whole ideology could go extinct. And it was about that time that Bret Jacobson and Ian Spencer’s phone started ringing.

0830cutting.r article

A video gaming vest that really shakes up players

Video game accessory via physics rebels