Dan Morrell

Dan Morrell

Through the static and distance.

Live in Boston. Work for Harvard Business School. Partner at Dog Ear Consultants (dogearconsultants.com).

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Boston magazine


Few "phreakers" were more skilled—or more feared—than Matt Weigman, a blind teenager from East Boston.

Greenlight fund article
Boston magazine

The Copycat Saint

Boston has no shortage of nonprofit groups. The provocative question at the heart of venture capitalist John Simon’s GreenLight Fund—which cribs the best initiatives from around the country and imports them here—is whether we have the ones we really need to solve the city’s problems.

Boston magazine

Dispatches from the Next Tech Gold Rush

Biotech gets all the hype. Until not so long ago, Silicon Valley was getting all the money. Now local high-tech entrepreneurs
are forging a quiet resurgence—and might just transform the Hub in the bargain.

Boston magazine

It Pays To Be Wanted

Breaking down the going rate
for good help in the city’s 10 most in-demand occupations.