Dan Morrell

Dan Morrell

Through the static and distance.

Live in Boston. Work for Harvard Business School. Partner at Dog Ear Consultants (dogearconsultants.com).

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Harvard Magazine

Why Nations Fail

Nations fail because of corruption, not geography.

Harvard Magazine

Tinker, Tailor, Robot, Fly

Winged Mimicry.

Harvard Magazine

The Power of Torture

“In our research, we had people right next door [to the “victim”], but you could imagine the same psychological processes working for someone who feels complicit [for giving] the go-ahead for torture. You see these terrible pictures come across your desk in some confidential dossier, and you think, ‘These guys are really in pain—they must be guilty.’ But for those of us who had no say in torture and don’t feel complicit, when we see those images on our TV screens, we say, ‘Oh, that is terrible—those innocent men.’”

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Harvard Magazine

Who Is Poor?

if poverty means more than just the weight of a wallet, the world’s poor may be more numerous than previously believed.

Harvard Magazine

An Arctic Mercury Meltdown

“From a policy standpoint,” he adds, “the message is that the mercury accumulation is not necessarily a recent phenomenon, and we can’t really blame increasing pollution from China—which is what people wanted to do. It seems to be really old mercury, and it’s coming from really old human activity”—such as mining—“that is a century old, maybe older.”

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Harvard Magazine

Hypervelocity Stars

“How they arc out betrays the distribution of mass in the Milky Way—both the stars we can see and the dark matter that we can’t see,” he explains. “So we may actually have our first measure of the distribution of dark matter around the Milky Way.”

Harvard Magazine

An Ancient Herbal Remedy

How a hydrangea extract suppresses autoimmune reactions.

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Harvard Magazine

Fighting Disease in Situ

Training the body to fight cancer

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Harvard Magazine

Making Memories

“We want to understand this gene programming in its entirety and how it varies from one human being to another, because we think it’s going to give us some insight into what creates differences in terms of human cognition,”