Dan Morrell

Dan Morrell

Through the static and distance.

Live in Boston. Work for Harvard Business School. Partner at Dog Ear Consultants (dogearconsultants.com).

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Cyberwarfare hires article

How Do We Win the Cyberwar?

We’re losing the war against hackers, and it’s costing business billions. Cybersecurity experts tell us how we can turn the tide.

Speed a39x1217 732x440 article

Built for Speed

Jay Rogers set out to start a car company. He may have launched an industrial revolution, too.

P56 a38x1011b %281%29 article

The Middle Way

How Wally Eamer helped broker a historic peace in the forests of British Columbia

Harvard prieto 524 article

Higher Ground

How Carlos Miguel Prieto conducted a post-Katrina comeback for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Screen shot 2017 06 06 at 10.53.35 am article

Competing Against Luck

Podcast with one of the world's foremost experts on innovation

Charley seckler1 lg article

Your Own Medicine

Three years ago, Gene Williams helped two parents set up a drug company to save their son's life. Their new patient-driven drug development blueprint may just end up saving the pharmaceutical industry too.

Impact investing1 732width article

Good Investments

Make money by helping the poor? That’s the promise of a new brand of socially conscious investors. They just need a few true believers—and a few big wins—to bring their vision to the masses.

Claudia sender 1920x1100 article

Ready for Takeoff

Claudia Sender’s punch list: Manage a merger, figure out how to serve a whole new consumer class, and—oh yeah—the World Cup.