Dan Morrell

Dan Morrell

Through the static and distance.

Live in Boston. Work for Harvard Business School. Partner at Dog Ear Consultants (dogearconsultants.com).

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The Boston Globe

You've Never Heard of the Rapper Token? You Will.

How hip-hop saved a kid from the North Shore—and his road from outcast to rap prodigy

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The Boston Globe

Art and Craft

Why three Cambridge science nerds are betting it all on hyperlocal beer.

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The Boston Globe

The Boss is Listening

Employee badges that record 40 types of information can lead to workplace efficiency—and some questions.

The Boston Globe

A video gaming vest that really shakes up players

Video game accessory via physics rebels

Howard 20aiken.r article
The Boston Globe

What you may not know about Harvard

Sizing up the university’s influence over the centuries, from Wall Street to Washington to your pantry.

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The Boston Globe

Losing Proposition

My wife suggested I go on a diet. I wasn't going to suffer alone.